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No Godless Test

It has been a week since my father in law has passed. It was strange, being in the same room as a dead body. I expected to see his chest rise. I guess, in some ways, I can hardly believe still that he has passed. I have never been around death before. I can say that I had the feeling that there, before me and my wife, was just a body that was no longer functioning. I felt as though it just ceased to work. The man I knew as Larry was no longer with us, but that was all. I feel better talking about this now. I tried before to post but my account would not work. Maybe it was for the best. It feels more real to me now.

I had a few feeling that I still really can’t work out. In the middle of it all, I just wanted to sit at his side with my wife, and think through things. I didn’t get the chance to. A few days after I still had the feeling of wanting to be around him, just one last time. I have not been morbid in any of this. I just wanted to say goodbye.

Republicans and their Shit!

It is apparent that the direction of the new congress is to try and overturn the lackluster Health Care changes. I am not surprised that they are willing to stop government in order to try and do so. Very typical  of right wing crybabies!

I.J. in BP and President Obama

I am watching the Presidential News Conference about the BP Spill in the Gulf. President Obama has just taken all the responsibility to shut down the situation. He also said that it is the first thing that he thinks about in the morning, and the last thing that he thinks of before bed. That this situation will last for ages to come.

I cannot begin to tell you how upset I am that the oil is still pouring into the Gulf. I cannot express how upset I am that an oil company has taken the best possible cost saving options, causing this situation. Words fail me to think of what would have happend if this occurred off the beaches of Newport, or Kennebunkport. In fact I will stop this blog for now because I am just so upset. More later.

Constitution and You

I am about to take a Constitutional Law final from Professor Davidson, and I must say, that  once again, I am a better person for having taken a Davidson class. But I am disturb to think of the implications of the cases we have studied for this class. It would seem that there has been, as it has been for some time now, a heavy slide into corporate rule. I will discuss more in detail later, but think that the weight of the world might somehow rest on this test.=)

A brief definition of IJ

We Will Become Silhouettes

Cap and Trade Explained (The Story of Cap and Trade)

I have little knowledge of Cap and Trade, I only know that there has been much concern over it. What I do know is, unless there is a strongly worded, accurately written, highly detailed case against something, Corporations will take advantage of any little lack detail in legislation or policy.
So here we are. Cap and Trade will likely be policy that will lead us to believe that we are taking a step in the right direction toward cleaning up the environment, and all the while it will be just another way for Corporations to make money.

Klamath Basin Crisis

No link today, just a quick note. I had a Meta conversation with my wife this morning. We talked about the breakdown of Democracy by lobbyist, the influence of corporations, questioning who represents us at the local level… as I said, meta. She had brought up the Endangered Species Act, the Klamath Basin Crisis and Take. I have found this FindLaw article on Take, but have yet to try to really hash out the implications. I am rushed to publish this blog because I find it so fascinating, and pertinent to our class. I will post the link and more about the conversation later when I can find the time to figure it out. Thanks.